Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am nice!


Earlier in the week, there was this woman looking at me at the CineMujer at Esperanza. I knew she looked familiar but I didn't remember how/when/etc. She was at the barbeque I went to this Sunday and she (her name is Terry) reminded me how we'd met - at some woman's dance years before, where I got her to dance with me. I didn't remember at first. It was nice to hear that she thought I was nice for that. I was more surprised that I did that at all - I always thought I was more shy when I was a young dykey girl.

Also earlier in the week, this one woman on the bus (really pretty, with long straight black hair) came up to me as we walked toward the buildings at work, and told me I always dressed so nice. She asked me where I got my clothes and I told her the number of places. Hey, as a big girl, it means you have to shop around a little. I do try to look decent at work and I'm loving color lately. I can't wear all black like I'd been doing. It doesn't hit the same.

I'm almost finished making a pillow for Carol and starting another one for Lilia. It's been fun to make them. Carol's is a dream pillow, for sleeping and waking dreams, with this deep turquoise silk and embroidered red flowers and this red, fuzzy overlap and green accents. And Lilia's is a recreation of the ideas behind La Virgen's clothing. It's all said to symbolize something.

I need coffee. I went to bed after 2 a.m. and awoke at 6:30. I can't even muster a bad mood - I'm too tired. That's just not right.

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