Thursday, May 27, 2010

poem : hemming blues

I'll ask you this: what will I keep of yours
I'm asking you, what can I keep
when you are so far away?

what can I get away with
what can I steal now
to win your smile?

like sand, what grains of yours
can I move, piece by piece, each day?
somehting you won't notice
and you realize only weeks later
it can't be found and I'm walking around
my pockets full of you

why do I have to come up with these ways to take you?
why do you make me find ways to steal you?
my hands in my pockets, not claiming my thievery

I keep this
have to keep this part of you
warming between my hands

anything for the chance to find my fingers in your tufted hair,
to call your scent home

this is the story of that nudge calling us
this is the story of that calling
that shoulder pass that sparked this whole world

with hands full we call out our new names
turn at knowing our new names
start our lives again

I scatter some sand, baptized by earth
you sprinkle the water, baptized by water
I pass the flame, baptized by fire
you blow the smoke, baptized by air

made living, this love
made living, this love
we bring