Thursday, October 16, 2008

delhi delhi bo-berry banana fana fo-fairy mi my mo-merry delhi

Lilia and Carol visited in August and took some great photos. I managed to take one of my little one, the Delhi monster, as she dried off over a grate on the sidewalk (after playing in the fountains).
In another the group of us saw La Virgen in an organic interpretation of the mixture of stale water, slime, trash and leaves. Hey, she's been spotted on a pizza pan, ice cream spill, as a water stain and on toast. No surprise she'd show in a passageway for rain runoff.
We walked a little of downtown and saw the renovated plaza created in front of the church that was here at our city's founding - San Fernando Cathedral.
The streets have been paved with stones and great fountains have been set up. The plaza is an expansion of the city's Main Plaza, just across from the courthouse and leading to a quiet part of the Riverwalk.
Lilia sent me the link to her photos and I got them just in time - the weather has been rainy the last few days, leading to a cool day in the 70s. Perfect for the pumpkin patch trip I planned for Delhi this weekend, and more perfect for walks downtown.