Wednesday, October 19, 2005

stevie wonder back!

Stevie Wonder's back with his new CD, released yesterday. I headed to Waterloo Records to find it and came out with the biggest smile on my face. Yes, he's one of my favorite singers.

Reviews are good, but all ask why it took not just ten years but a constantly pushed forward release date as well. Wonder likes to get it just right, that's for sure. In all the pathways of life, what is ten years if it means you have incredible work? As Wonder says: "For however long it's been, I've just been doing life," he says of his hiatus.

Now, why am I here when I could be opening up that CD?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

new poem : hibiscus


mama rented a hibiscus covering the high, narrow windows
of one half of a duplex in central Florida
in order to move away from the husband

this with the help of a man who worked the radio
for airplanes full with contraband making their way
across Central America

the quick schedule I learned
bus school bus home work home
wasn’t enough
good thing for me that plant gave a new flower every day
and closed its ripened petals each evening

I walked away from that time with little
save the neighbor who wondered what I’d done with my horse
since I was from Texas, or the reports of an alligator loose
just two blocks from the duplex,
or color coordinating girl wallets at the kmart.

There was that night, pine in the air
sky low with the remnants of a hurricane
when my brother and I sat in the back seat
so far from my mother’s lap
as she and her boyfriend talked about moving
to Puerto Rico.

Home was more closed flowers than cool drives

hibiscus a shy Buddha
no way those petals will open

new poem : respiration


tell me again
how you cannot live without me
how even sleep gives way to the warmth in my belly
show me
how your fingers curve around my palm
pale underside
where our weaknesses lie

do you love me? I ask
already living with your reply
but the words don’t warm my skin like your fingers
deep inside
deeper still
each nudge from you/a breath from me
makes me want to
got to
keep your face at my neck
your exhalations
lost on my skin
the cells in my mind
blowing up
one at a time
light my eyes
tiny fires
keep on