Monday, April 02, 2007


I went to a gathering of some lgbt catholics yesterday, who gathered at a local park and had great barbeque, sides, conversation. They were really great people. Tigrette was upset she couldn't have communion. I told her it was because we weren't catholic. So, of course, the whole discussion home was about catholics and christians and why and why and why.

I'll tell you, if nothing else, Tigrette has made me more interested in research. I end up looking things up just to answer her questions. It's helped in my writing too. I'll look up meanings of colors, or the history of an object, or a particular decade and be better informed when I'm writing. I know it doesn't always look it, especially when you see small pieces, but it's all there, in the foundation.

I got to meet this lesbian couple I'd seen before. They've adopted a number of children and it was nice to see they get the need for political expression. Usually, in the parent group I'm in, there's only socializing. That's great but I would like to continue to feel like I'm protecting my children or queers or families by something as simple as a letter or phone call to legislature.

I started this blog entry because I was going to say something specifically, but now it's fallen away. Maybe I'll remember it as soon as I hit the "publish" button. Maybe my head just hurts too much.

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