Wednesday, January 26, 2005

poem : grocery list

grocery list

bananas rice toilet paper
potting soil hair conditioner bird seed
tomatoes coffee flour garlic

dog food cereal
milk eggs juice

walnuts oranges

canned soup frozen pizza

lightbulb stepstool
mop trashbags

Friday, January 21, 2005

poem : prophesy


the earth is in upheaval, searching for a way to speak
we don’t help the dialogue sitting together even refusing glances

if our love were a house,
the windows without horizons,
we would survive, teetering
on the cliff we wake up to each morning,

we huddle together against the inevitable
the ground beneath us
taking our tongues – things we took for granted

poem : perimeter


the house is eating itself

each time I return
another piece is gone

not necessarily smaller
but with less muscle,
the skin outside, its paneling,
bloating around the frame:
a form of protection
against the cold coming in

and the doors may as well be unlocked
the windows were blown out weeks ago

no time for evaluating bruises
this is a place of struggle

evaluations need language
and there no tongues here