Saturday, April 10, 2010

poem : octopus


I've given in to celebration
tartsweet candy piled high in my palm
I lick it down before i can secondguess

the new year creeps in
and I am resolute

no longer searching for magicians
after all, I too carry magic

no longer conspiracy
I am a conspirator

and, even if I'm the one raisinghell, poking dragons,
my hands reaching out
I need someone who'll slay them

a small red circle stains my palm
a signal to all
I've given myself over to the sweetness of being saved

Thursday, April 01, 2010

poem : the sky within

the sky within

for T

words hidden just for you
I leave hints beneath your skin
strands linking us
strands of light linking us
despite our struggles
the air we breathe in
full breaths me into you
you into me

can you find me?

there in your heart
there on your lips
the life the life we share
the ways we come together
come apart

come together
breathe me in
let me give you

you hold me hold my heart
in your breath

you hold the sky within
hold the sky within