Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Virgen de Guadalupe's day - honor a woman today

I wonder if some administrative assistant for the French or British ambassadors planned it this way - Virginia Hall, spy during WW II is to be honored today.

Seems fitting - It's the day usually granted to La Virgen de Guadalupe. And while we can't talk to La Virgen through some cool suitcase radio, we can thank a woman around us for doing something sweet or comforting or incredible or horrible (and wonderful).

Just please don't send those horrid music cards from Hallmark with images of our virgencita on the front. All that's left to include is a spray bottle inside that automatically shoots out a rose-scented puff.

Or worse, don't try to suppress Latino votes in an already ridiculous election between Henry "I need my cash" Bonilla and Ciro "I support terrorists" Rodriguez a la Governor Rick Perry. Tsk, tsk - now, what would your mamas say?!

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