Wednesday, December 20, 2006

mind meld

I must be trying to avoid something. I keep finding music to play, even adding a music component to this here blog.

My mind keeps trailing off to MFA programs. I need out of here!

I had a dream last night that the stuff I was writing was coming true. At one point, someone has me write a friend's name and they appear just like someone who is walking up to you.

I had a meeting this morning at the downtown campus - it was good to have a quiet start to the day - I didn't sleep but 2 hours and I am so feeling it. Thankfully too, I'm a big old procrastinator... I had a sweater, a jacket and a full coat in the car (I wonder what made me take out the gloves and scarf?). When I left from home this morning, it was cool, low 70s and a little humid (Exhibit A, my hair). Just as I was putting my keys to the old van after my meeting, this cold air started and the sky was gray and heavy. Thirty minutes later it was so cold I needed the big coat (and those gloves and scarf!).

I had lunch in the staff lounge room and turned on the television. When I realized no one was coming in, I changed it from CNN to Star Trek: Voyager. Gotta love Kate Mulgrew. Oh, and Jeri Ryan. And Roxann Dawson. I think I even had crushes on the men: Robert Beltran and Garrett Wang. Who wouldn't? Damn, I'd forgotten how sexy the cast of Voyager was. How could the show fail?

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