Friday, December 22, 2006

gush - comiendo el mundo, mordadita a mordadita

I am so tired. And to think, I was already getting gloomy because the tsunami hit Thailand 2 years ago and that marked the day my life changed halfway around the world in Austin, Texas. However quiet I am, the image/idea finds me.

I try to think of it as low tide - a tiny thing incapable of hurting me, wanting rather some attention. As though saying the whole world is going to hell - look, can't you see? So I hold it, recognize the pain and wait instead for the gush of words to come from me.

I had that dream, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, about writing and things coming true. Happily, I kept this image close to me and yesterday, rather than go home and beg for sleep, I went to a cafe and knocked out 4 or 5 poems. I'm going to keep working on them this weekend. Thankfully, I have this next week off!

I'm moving furniture too. Tigrette asked me why I am always moving furniture around. I told her it was genetics - that I got the genes from her Nana. It's surprising how much a room's focus can change if you move things (or the other way around). I thinking right now specifically of my bedroom - but that's a whole other blog entry.

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