Thursday, February 16, 2006

shinier than shina

Tigrette's loving that Nelly/Paul Wall song Grillz so, between that and Daddy Yankee's Gasolina, she's almost always dancing in the car or at home. I bought her some nifty shoes for valentine's day (hey, better than candy). She spent this evening running up and down the aisles of the grocery store singing Mariah Carey, Baby Bash and Nelly. Then James Brown came on the overhead radio and she sang and danced the whole song. And now everything that's shiny is "shinier than shina". Should I be worried she's actually listening to the lyrics?

She did look cute with those weird shoes. They look like the kind Olympic winner Michael Jordan wore but not gold. She's growing increasingly bold in acting, not worrying about what others are saying, etc. I held her up in the dairy aisle to pick up some soy milk from the top row and this guy who was restocking the dairy section said he could get it for me. I told him that's why I had had her - just for the high shelves. He then suggested these 25 cent cookies on sale from valentine's day and he took her to get a package of them. I think I'm feeling pretty darn good lately. All around me people are more helpful, smiling and attentive. Supportive and telling me about themselves. My friend Laura always used to say I attracted people who liked to tell me something they might not tell others. Seemed I'm back on that kind of track.

I got my number and internet connected in the apartment - which I've neglected to talk about! - but don't want to give it out even if I want my friends to call me already. Somehow the previous modem owner's name wasn't erased from the modem and so my number shows up with some strange name. I don't know if they'll give me a new number or somehow change the name. In the meantime, I'm carefully considering who I can crank call. Is it going to be you?

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dykeumentary said...

Yes! i dare you to call Camille's cell and ask for "Seymour Butts"