Wednesday, February 15, 2006

twenty-one minutes past valentine's day or Queer Love Day - everyone celebrate!

I got a potted plantita, a card that said Happy Valenines Day, a card the size of my lower torso and a small cardboard heart with cardboard candy, and a bowl of homemade desserts for Valentine's Day.

I got some great emails from friends, which is nice because it didn't even occur to me to send them a notita. I've been distancing myself from the idea of this holiday. It was never big for me and, right now, I'm so turned off to the whole relationship thing, it just didn't carry much weight with me. Add to that all the women at work talking about their straight relationships, and it just seems like just another straight holiday to me.

As such, I believe we queers should not celebrate another consumer-driven holiday meant to promote guilt/family values & ideals/long-term straight love. If anything, we should make a killing on the 75% off sales tomorrow and call February 15th Queer Love Day - a day we announce that love is an infinity/365/24/7 kind of thing and, even after all the artifice is eaten or dies, we continue loving.

To hell with the expiration dates on chocolate covered cherries or whitman samplers! Burn the cardboard hearts, or put them at your bedside and let them overflow with latex products and lubes of all flavors! Cut apart shiny balloons and make a damned fine shrug for that next drag benefit!

Mama's got her shiny blue eyeshadow. Send me the invite.

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Dulce said...

every day is queer love day!