Friday, December 02, 2005

global cositas

Well, the universe may have heard me...

Months ago, when Spain passed gay marriage, I wondered why countries that aren't white-dominant couldn't also do gay marriage. Seems South Africa is one step closer.

I am truly enjoying the fact that America, with all its liberties and so called freedom, has to now sit back and see, in spaces where their influence is limited, that liberation for queers will inevitably come. While I hate how the mainstream gay community has positioned itself as the next civil rights issue in America, etc., I cannot help but think of how America was one of the last to disallow slavery. In much the same way, human rights and protections for queers will mostly likely show up last in this country as well.

Continuing the global idea, while I know that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and most queers are upset at the Vatican's passive fingerpointing to gays as their major problem, I had to laugh that the Vatican itself stated that men could not enter seminaries if they have "deep-seated homosexual tendencies” or support "gay culture".

Finally some recognition! I'm amazed that the Vatican recognizes queers have a culture and that our identities are deep-seated/firmly rooted. All this time I was told I was fucking women because of my own ego, because I was perverse or because some man had done me wrong.

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