Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gay Marriage

as someone in the writing workshops this week said : lordlordlordlordlordlord (all one word)

Spain has passed gay marriage. And not just the idea we can dress up, say we love each other, have two dolls with the same outfit sitting on our cake, etc. Spanish queers can adopt and have rights to inheritance. Wow, real respect comes with this certificate!

Maybe it's my own mistrust of our government but when Spain, with its new, peoplecentric representation within government, decides to allow gay marriage, it feels true and victorious. But when we talk about it here in the US it seems like another little biscuit we gotta beg for - something to occupy the doggie in us who wants love and acceptance, only to find out later we shoulda been keepping an eye on the house cuz they cleaned us OUT. Hmmm, there's certainly a history of them giving a little to someone to better screw them later, or give some only to put so many regulations and definitions on the shit there's no power but lookee here we have an official certificate saying we are good people!

So, if the shit gets really bad, here's a potential list of countries we could move to (that is, if we are queer people with money or can charm our way into other spaces) :


if a "civil union" is sufficient for you and your baby try :

Britain (civil unions take effect December 2005)
parts of Switzerland
parts of US (make this your last choice, girl!)

It would be nice if Latin America or other predominantly people of color nations were more gay friendly but, remember, it's taken its education from the catholic church and from the US. Talk about signing a pact with the devil.

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jon said...

While searching for new air conditioner filter info for my house I stumbled onto your blog. I totally agree!