Sunday, August 14, 2005

ms. invincible

Shit - I got sick, which is why there's been no blog entries. Last Saturday I had a strange sore throat and some body aches late in the day. By Sunday my tonsils were huge and hurt. I had chills and sweats and ended up with a fever ranging from 101 to 103.9. I thought to go to the emergency room but I've had my tonsils swell before and who can, even with health insurance, afford the $75 emergency room visit?

By Monday my tonsils were sitting on the bed with me. Grey, nasty pulsating things. I went to a doctor and he was the sweetest thing. I was hallucinating and cold in the office and he came in and, just looking at me, asked if I was okay. I think he was freaked. I know my hair was way gone.

So I got meds but was no good to anyone for a while. My voice was horrid. No food from Sunday night through Wednesday when I had some incredible ribs La Deb's roommate made. They were hell to swallow but it was a better picture than the one the day before, when I ate four bites of a cucumber and had to chug it down with a liter of gatorade.

Today is better, though I'm doing these small coughs that hurt and go on and on. Water is still the #1 food choice and I truly believe that, despite being a fruit lover, I have had enough fruit for the month of August.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are feeling better! xo