Sunday, August 14, 2005

La Deb

First we were brought together by one of her friends at the allgo dance, then we became friends, then we were intimate, then we stopped and tried friendship again, then we hung out a lot because we were friends. Then we stopped talking because I tripped out.

Now we are talking again and I am glad she made the call. I was missing her but was too bullheaded to have called. I can't even say why.

I had another conversation with her just now where she is upset I didn't call.

Why is it I don't seem to have the words? I haven't met anyone who tells me I'm not allowed to get lost a little when I want/need to, especially when Tigrette's at her Nana's house, but I don't quite have my electrons working to at least call first and say "listen, I'm disappearing".

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