Sunday, July 24, 2005


I've been thinking about the writing group I was in and my next moves.

My writing has been hard to capture these last couple of weeks but very rewarding. Truth is I haven't been able to give it enough attention because of work and Tigrette but, just as in love/lust, the poem that makes you work the hardest is the one you most look forward to capturing.

And still thinking within the mindframe of the VONA group in Califas, I see so much of what's around me as a source for potential poems. I remember when I first met a local healer here, about a year ago, I was caught up with her and, in retelling our meeting to my therapist at the time, she asked me if I wanted to be intimate with this woman. Truth is yes, I did. But then the therapist asked me if I might also be looking for a way to write about her - use her image/energy as a jumping off point for a poem.

I did write a poem about her. I would probably still sleep with her too, but that's another story.

So, for my writing and the writing group...

I am going to write a letter to a friend of mine who I've always admired. Now, maybe it's because he's a man that he still manages to get a lot done, but the dude puts out 1 to 2 books a year, started with fiction and short stories and has made an incredible name for himself as a poet. I actually enjoy his poetry more than anything else. On top of this he teaches at the university level, is married with children and a dog, used to breed canaries, plays bongos/congas/timbales/anything percussive and travels.

I want the discipline he must have to live a full, well-adjusted and happy life while also writing like mad and sending the shit out for publication besides! And I don't want to have to think I've gotta be packing to make it either.

Anyway, my intent is to see if he'll "mentor" me and, in exchange for whatever he can give of his time, I'll do errand work/send work out, etc. I don't care what.

I'm preparing a packet this week with my finest work (oooh!), an updated bio and my new contact info. Maybe he'll bite. He certainly recognizes the need for this. Plus, he knows me, has mentioned me as a writer to look out for whenever he's interviewed, and likes giving me a hard time (it's a Latin thing).

I'm also looking for individual fellow writers, locally or regionally, so that we can critique each other's writing, one-on-one. Someone who can tell me their larger goal for their writing and we can work together to see that it's present in the writing. I don't mean goals like publishing, the big book deal, though those are obvious. I mean, like within my own writing, the ways I'm trying to push my craft.

For now, I want:

*openings that the readers/listeners will open their eyes to
*opportunities for narrative and dialogue within my work (so it's not just my voice as translator of some event but more immediate)
*touch on irony, humor and sarcasm in unique ways
*to talk about my culture without being stereotypical or cutesy

There's more but I don't know how to phrase it - I want my work to carry an energy that's potent, that calls people to it. On top of that, I'm going to work on how I deliver my poetry to an audience. I want this to be an opportunity for people to say woah! instead of the old "this poem works on a page while this other works better out loud". There should be no difference. If there is, that poem is not ready.

Lots, lots of work to get done.

Back to the wrestling mat with the latest potentials.

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