Sunday, July 24, 2005


Okay, so I finally got it. After two days of promising a movie to my daughter, and countless gatherings and meetings and things I wanted and/or needed to do, I gave up on a 6 p.m. reading by LeAnne Howe at BookWoman in order to subject myself to a child's movie without support (i.e. another adult who can remind me I did once love cartoons).

I never did hear if my meeting at 4 p.m. was a yes or no and, in calling the radio station, I got to talk to the radio host but she didn't know if it was happening or not either. So, my 4 p.m. was gone too.

I ended up going to Grrrl Action, a great workshop for young women (13 to 16 y.o.) who write and dramatize their work. I love supporting these kinds of spaces because I'm jealous they weren't available or accessible for me when I was young. I found my own mentors by hanging out at this used bookstore and talking with old, mostly male, poets. Instead, these teens got to support each other and worked with another woman. That kind of community is incredible and, unfortunately, still hard to come by. Luxurious spaces - I've said it before.

Then I went to Alejandro's art opening and saw these super bad ass welded pieces that seemed to be inhaling and exhaling. They were alive and large enough they seemed to alter the way the tiny coffee house's energy seemed to move.

I ordered the drink that seemed to symbolize me (something I always secretly do) and talked with Alejandro for a while. He gave me the word brusca - dumb, stupid, not getting it. And it's appropriate since I didn't get that Tigrette needed some Tigrette time!

We talked about Ya Vez a little and he, like others, told me something about her that reminded me that, no matter how much I still feel for her in terms of misplaced loyalty, I'm glad to be gone.

Well, now for a meditational moment to prepare myself for movies. At least I was able to gain some energy from the Cuban con leche (condensed milk, steamed water and two espresso shots). Isn't that a great name? At another coffeehouse I get the Mexican Chocolate Latte (yes, that too is me!).


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