Wednesday, June 15, 2005

mediocre karma

I parked my van in the front of the house and went in for about half an hour to enjoy the cool air conditioner, the windows closed - it's been so hot a girl's sandals start melting on the sidewalk!

When I came back out to go get some groceries I reached for my portable cd player and saw it wasn't there. I'd left the windows down because, with them up, the place turns into a gay men's spa in five minutes. Someone reached in to grab it. I'm not upset. I guess they needed it. I feel bad, however, that it's been acting up since it fell out of the slot in the car a couple of days ago.

Funny/curious also is that this morning I realized I wanted to go book buying to read some of the authors suggested by Willie Perdomo, who I'll be taking my class with while in California. (Did I tell you I won't be with Ruth Forman? - more details later.) Well, out of nowhere, I check my mail at work (I'm notorious for not doing so) and find a thank you card and a certificate for $25 to BookPeople. Is that not bad ass?

Regarding Ruth Forman - well, it was a people of color thing - some crazy change because someone misread my email. Still, I accept what some stronger creative energy has in line for me and accepted the Voices writing program director's suggestion that I attend Perdomo's class.

It did worry me because I have this idea of what slam poetry is (more music than message) and also had my heart set on learning from a woman. As soon as I found out I wouldn't be in Forman's class, my body seemed to be changing its frequency. My life timeline altering a little over this change in direction. I'm curious to see if I can do it at all. Perdomo has a great voice. In some ways really subtle and not like stereotypical slam work. His stuff works on the page (and in the mind).

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