Sunday, June 12, 2005


La Deb and I have been dating.

She's unlike a lot of women I meet. She's not posing for some potential picture. She is a giver without question. She remembers me and misses me when I'm far away.

Dating seems so foreign but we are taking it slow. I get to feeling a little awkward as I'm adjusting to this unexpected way of connecting to someone.

When we first started going out we joked that we had nothing in common. Now it seems we are complimentary and I still feel free. I don't think I ever had that feeling with another person. I had this dream last night that I was dancing in the mirror in my room and liked that I could move easily, that the steps came to me naturally and that my body was feeling good. That's an incredible freedom. I remember something Jen told me - when all else is unsure, listen to your body to truly see how you are feeling. La Deb makes me feel soft/open/accessible. These are things I already carried but she doesn't hinder those attributes.

Time with her is becoming more important.

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