Saturday, May 14, 2005

mi fabulosa intern

She's done with me! MFI did her final paper about my workplace and I couldn't even attend her presentation because of said workplace.

Well, her mind has opened ten-fold and I love her for it. Any discussion/hope for programming for the trans community must, if it's done right, include an in-depth discussion about sexism within the queer community and maybe that's one reason trannys don't feel like being participants in areas where the T in GLBT is placed last.

I offer her this quote by a incredibly insightful conservative journalist, Linda Kimball:

With respect to homosexuals and all "emerging deviant orientations," fairness can only be achieved by depriving 98% of the population of their fixed sex: male and female.

While Kimball's article goal was to say that the only way to make queer sexualities normal was to make heterosexuality deviant, I would, surprisingly I know, agree with her - though not for the reasons she holds. I agree because I believe we must question what is considered "normal". I cannot reason that simple majority implies dominance.

We must fight the foundational ideas we hold as truth. Keep fighting the privilege we carry, MFI!


Dulce said...

The website you quoted is homophobic and i think the article you referenced is actually highlighting the "deviance"...

"Hordes of self-absorbed deviants, some of them teachers, and others waving the rainbow flags of GLSEN, PFLAG and GSA, have streamed into tax-payer financed indoctrination camps aka public schools and are busily seducing and disordering the minds of America's children and teens"

la mala said...

you are right dulce. it was initially misquoted within the daily dose of queer blog I read. I changed my initial entry some to reflect this but still believe the world must move beyond male and female and other dichotomies as they are best utilized, as in this particular "journalist"'s response, to destroy those who don't fit societal norms.

la mala said...

by the way, dulce, what big eyes you have!