Sunday, May 15, 2005

Gloria Anzaldua

I'm not one to honor someone's death day but I can feel the energy of so many women thinking of one of their own: Gloria died today, one year ago, and I miss her still but, when I dream about her, I see she's still doing the work she did while here, only she moves a lot faster.

I still remember the first time I met her. She was so tiny but with eyes truly like flames. I was president of my school's MEChA and she was coming into town for the Inter-American Bookfair. My girlfriend at the time and I picked her up at the hotel because I'd managed to convince her to stay an extra couple of days for a special reading at the university, sponsored by MEChA.

I went upstairs to her hotel room and I loved her so much already. She opened the hotel door and asked me to come in. She said she was ready but had to take her medicine and choose her jewelry. She showed me her rings and had me pick. She had a beautiful amber in silver setting that I chose. She told me a friend had given it to her and that amber was a symbol of longevity - perfect for memory.

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