Wednesday, April 20, 2005


well well well

How is it Ya Vez can insist on calling me, especially at work, and sound sweet. But if I should email her or contact her, all the world's come undone and she has every right to her anger. I will just say that she must work on her people skills (i.e. Don't screw with someone who you may need something from later - hey wait, she's the one who taught me that!). All this would be easier to accept IF her call wasn't about some Christmas ornaments of hers she wants returned. Well, I suppose Christmas IS just around the corner...

There's more going on than this call from Ya Vez so she shouldn't take my time any longer.

I woke up today to find that some fool Texas Representative added a line removing the possibility for queers to become foster parents. You can see the story here:

What's worse is that this Representative Talton would actually be quoted as saying he knew that a bill authored with just this discriminatory language would never pass BUT one passed within an appropriate bill meant to improve services for children in need as well as assist those who are working on their behalf will, more than likely, be allowed. The bill has currently passed the Senate (without Talton's amendment) but now goes to the House (with Talton's amendment) for a final vote before both sides come together for a final agreement.

I will do a Justice Scalia here with my visionary look at the issue : it seems to me that if a perfectly good bill, which allows for parents seeking full rights to their children to be screened for those things in their lives which would have had them lose custody temporarily in the first place, then how far of a stretch is it until being queer becomes criminalized within Child Protective Services? Should a queer person work to regain custody of their child, case workers must then ask how a person identifies sexually, meaning that that queer parent may have some problems ever being with their child again.

Then, at work this morning a middle school counselor called me to let me know that she had a child with "gender issues" whose "choice" meant he was being harassed by fellow students. I asked her if he was trans and she told me he was gay. I know that straights don't normally know queer stuff but to confuse gender issues with sexual orientation is a gross oversight, even if these issues tend to lead one into another.

Given that, this morning at a red light, I was stopped behind a white van with one bumper sticker that said "Viva Bush" (and not in the good way) and another that said "Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman", I should have known this day would have my hairs all ruffled up. I took my foot off the brake for just a moment. We make choices in our lives, huh?

I'll feel better later, but not before sending hate mail to some senator representing Pasadena, TX. By the way, if you see Ya Vez, please tell her to enjoy the holidays. They go by so quickly.

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