Thursday, April 21, 2005

love is in the air

I had a great evening but woke up this morning to find that the Texas House has voted favorably on the CPS renovation bill which includes Talton's discriminatory exclusion for queers. Now the House-Senate committees must hash out the differences in both bills that passed. Let's hope that, rather than spending additional money to ask one question and then have to enforce that question (not just for potential foster parents but for existing foster households), some lightening strikes their minds and they realize how ridiculous, separatist and expensive this change is.

What we need is an image of the Virgin Mary. If we have this crap going on here, you have to wonder what devilishness has been happening in Chicago to warrant the appearance of La Virgen. Apparently, the person who first saw the apparition had been praying to pass a final at a culinary school. If La Virgen could show up at an underpass on the Chicago Kennedy Expressway, she could show up on a piece of white bread Talton is set to stuff into his mouth.

Note to restaurants in the area. Here is what Talton looks like:

Grab a magic marker and draw a picture of La Virgen on a sourdough roll!

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