Wednesday, April 27, 2005

good (?) old times

I've been thinking of Ya Vez. Can't help but. Probably because I have a new friendship starting that needs to not go the traditional lesbian route (no u-hauls). Yes, I'll avoid that since I can't handle any kind of commitment right now AND the friendship is good AND we aren't a good long-term match.

But, it brings up Ya Vez and my missing the old days. And I think about being with her again even if I know there are fundamental reasons why I can't return to that.

Seems that feels the same way:

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Polls reveal that many Germans wish they could return to the days when the Berlin Wall was intact. They complain that dismantling the barriers between the eastern and western portions of the country has led to economic turmoil in both areas. I mention this, Libra, because I think it resembles a feeling you're currently harboring. A part of you is longing for the bad old days when a now-defunct obstacle was a fixture in your life. You're romanticizing the protection that the obstacle offered and forgetting how oppressive and limiting it was. It's OK to entertain the fantasy of restoring the wall--in fact, I recommend that you do--but don't you dare actually restore it.

I love this horoscope because the guy is a writer/poet/musician too so he places his ideas around larger issues and ideas. I never expected, however, that he'd be telling me what I didn't want to hear from myself. Damned.

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