Thursday, April 28, 2005

who can say?

Mercury must be out of retrograde. I've gotten calls I never expected, including one from Cliffy. She told me she was thinking of me and I realized I didn't even know how to read that. You know, it's actually good to not be so in tuned to someone but it does mean a greater need for true and accurate communication. Let's hope when we talk more she can tell me what she really feels/needs/is capable of/wants.

Sadly, the god of communication hasn't yet opened the doors to the special joint committee now reviewing SB6. This because they added Talton as one of the five representatives on a panel of five reps, five senators, to hash out the differences in the Child Welfare bill.

Talton, who has NO expertise in child welfare and is not a true author of the 170 page bill, offers no benefit to the committee. Let's hope the other nine dudes are actually going to give him a "talking to", i.e. a whooping.

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