Friday, April 04, 2008

April 4 : juba (for Renita) by Letta Neely

I read this poem as a favorite a couple of years ago at one of the bookstores in Austin. I would give $50 if this woman would print another book - she's great.

u be a gospel song some a dat old time religion where the tambourine git goin and the holy ghost sneak up inside people’s bones and everybody dancing and shoutin screamin and cryin oh jesus, oh jesus and the people start to clappin and reaching back to african rhythms pulls through the wombs of the middle passage and women’s hats start flying while they dance the dance they do gets hotter and holier and just the music has brought cause for celebration.

Yeah, u be a gospel song, girl like some a dat old back in the woods, Mississippi river kinda gospel and i feel the holy ghost when you is inside me and the tambourines keep goin and folks is stamping they feet and oh no, it’s the neighbor knocking on the door askin is we alright say we screamin oh jesus, oh jesus and i heard us but i didn’t hear cuz i was being washed in the gorgeous wetness of your pussy being baptized w/ole time religion the oldest religion there is 2 women inside the groove of each other

we come here

we come

we come here

to be


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