Saturday, June 02, 2007

new poem :: corrections


Go where your body and soul want to go.
– Joseph Campbell

In my head last night,
some reclaiming of the history between us

how we walk through our days still asleep,
our bed clothes on, hair in disarray

Sometimes the arms crossed mean cold weather,
at others, the cold look I’ve carried since not hearing from you

Instead, you should be near me –
eyes closed awaiting my kiss

how my face rests against your chest
this daydream of hair
another form of sleepwalking –
making the impossible a thing that can be

sleepwalking teaches:
if I talk to a plant, she quivers in knowing
if I am hurt and someone thinks of me, I feel that love
if, an hour after our last kiss, you are discovered in the distance,
our secret is found out

and the whole of this ground moves into a slight breath
now preciously releasing that moment when one of us turned to the other, realizing

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