Friday, June 01, 2007

d - r - a - g - o - n days

I've have the song "dragon days" by alicia keys ruminating the last day or two. Probably because I made fast potential friends with this guy and now haven't talked to him. I tend to get people fired up and may have done this here too. Maybe that's why I stay away from some people sometimes. The soul woken up, brightened, is quickly noticeable to others and, as I learned from a curandera years ago, those things call out others. That calling out isn't always positive but can be expressed through jealousy, anger, corruption, mistrust.

I think I have to much fire in me, in my personality. If I was writing more I might process the flame out of me more easily. Instead, I have the lyrics in my head and they won't leave:

Like a desert needs water
I need you alot
So baby
Dragon days, I need to be saved
I'm missin you
In the day you drag on and on
Don't you wanna play?
D-R-A-G-O-N days
Got me D-R-A-G-G-O-N

Got to put my mind on other things.

I am happy to be leaving on time today. My boss didn't show today so the office was all mine. Cliffy's coming by today for dinner. Delhi has her guitar lesson. Tomorrow I'm going back to the Botero exhibit with Terri. My parent's are doing a cuban-style cookout (black beans and barbeque). It's Friday. I have a dry patch of skin on my left upper arm. I got new shoes. Okay.

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Dulce said...

that is one of my favorite albums!