Sunday, April 29, 2007

La Vandi hits the town! - que caprichosa

My baby, Vandi/Rudy, came into town last night with no notice. The cosmos was working for both of us as he decided he would put aside sleep (he had to be at work at 7 a.m. this morning!) and I, by some miracle, had the little one at my mom's house.

I was in love again. I'd missed my man. We had such good times while at allgo. He is one of the few things that made that experience worth it. And he was looking good! We laughed when this one man was burning a hole into him and, two minutes later, that man's boyfriend comes back from wherever to stand next to the burner.

Then Rudy met potential husband material at the 2015. I got to see Giovanni and John and Terry, surprisingly, showed - she's already had a full day. Then we went driving around to find the bathhouses (which always make me jealous) and then ended up at IHOP, where we made the server giggle - she was getting orders wrong. Man, it was nice to have a little freedom!

I couldn't wind down, stayed up until 5:30 then crashed. Now I'm thinking it's 1 pm. and it's almost 6 in the evening!

Damned, I missed my Vandi!

Pilon: He brought me my (acquired) print of "El Tacon", part of a loteria series allgo did that shows a huge drag-sized red sequined high heel. Beautiful.

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