Sunday, April 29, 2007


ya soy blondie. i cried after I left the hair dresser's yesterday. I washed it because they put so much shit in it I could have played the terminator on television - fui indestructible - la mujer was so trying to hit the street to go to the last days of (insert holiday with racist history background and a money-maker for a city with little permanent, foundational income) Fiesta!

My mother wanted to see it but I didn't want to go out of the house and she ended up coming over. Cliffy was there and told me she liked it. When my mom arrived, she loved it and said I was guera and could do that - I don't know about that - I told her I was yellow. Rudy/Vandi loved it. I told him I looked trashy and he said "exactly!" as a positive thing. My mother asked me what he'd said and when I told her he said it looked slutty, she agreed in a positive way. Mierda.

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