Wednesday, April 18, 2007

gonna do the rounds

oh, man, i'm feeling good and nervous about this trip to the RGV (as they call it).

So, because Tigrette has so much energy and i think i still do, we have a couple of "must do"s on our list of what to hit when we go down. I want to visit Gloria's grave.

I first went there a few days after her funeral - we were on our way back from Mexico and we took the long way back in order to visit. Ya Vez didn't care really but she wanted to look sympathetic and the Fifis wanted to go. Lourdes sang a song for her and I left a bracelet with la virgen de cobre on it. I had relied on that bracelet a lot, especially given the mess my relationship was in at the time but I was okay without it after. I had dreams about Gloria from the time she died up until about 6 months later.

I thought we might make it to Don Pedro Jaramillo's shrine but I really need a map before I start planning all these little side trips. With it being a 4 hour drive I'm going to have enough time on my hands having to entertain Tigrette.

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