Monday, April 16, 2007

new poem : banana leaves (an unexpected love poem)

no crossroads for us
the world relatively free
between our laughing fits

how else to explain
the difference between us and them

we who carry hearts on sleeves
versus those who pin them there

the more someone tells you not to open yourself
the more you reveal in those small tufts of air
warmed by your mouth

the more you will find my kiss there
fingerprints at your cheeks and neck
tugging you in from the street

how else to say it

the words for you
rest at the back of my throat
on call

the house makes noises
each time we stretch into each other

the trees outside leaning in
to hear that word for which
there are, as yet, no adequate syllables

the pool outside, waving in recent grass cuttings, mirrors our love :
deep, cooling water no fear of drowning
those lost breaths I face when our cheeks are close
come in

the banana leaves open out to hear

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