Wednesday, February 28, 2007

wild west, wilder

Ah, bushy bushy bushy. Why do you have to sell off the screwed up, nostalgic/blurred images of times in the Old West? I had the unfortunately opportunity to hear George Bush compare the outskirts of Pakistan to the Wild West.

I'm waiting to when he'll compare Iraq to the fight at the Alamo, where in he'll go on and on dreamily about how Iraq terrorists are like Santa Ana and his troops and we are the noble Texans just wanting to protect land, oil and resources - uh, I mean, democracy. Bush will talk and talk about how courageous the Texans were against the Mexicans until he remembers the end. And what was it that happened to Santa Ana and his men? Oh yeah, they kicked Texan asses. And Bush, in realizing his mistake just a second too late, will switch to a remembrance of all things 9-11.

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