Monday, February 19, 2007

girls (and mamas) just wanna have fun

Traffic was so slow... How slow was it?

It was so slow last week on the way home I was able to have a conversation with the man on the motorcycle on the lane next to mine. As he made funny faces and I laughed, I realized I have been craving some fun. Everyone is so serious. I am too - it irks me. I was talking with my boyfriend Rudy (ALLGO survivor, ex-employee) about just how much talking, processing, divining it takes to have even simple conversations with women.

I like those kinds of conversations but, let's face it mujeres, we get too serious too fast. It's like bowling after 2 months of knowing someone is impossible because it would just be too childish and awkward and funny to have your butt up in the air and only knock down two pins. (Insert joke here.)

And as a mama, this is even more intensified - yada yada - we are the caretakers - blah blah - would you like a napkin? - AUGH! - just wipe your own butt already! I'm viewed as a mama even by fully-functioning adults all around me. Now, I'm gonna say it here - unless I say "come to mama" don't presume I'm going to act like the mama.

So, of course, I loved it when I saw Amelia and her mommy Penny and, with just one look, I was able to make Amelia scream my name out in the church. Usually it's the butches who are seen as the fun one, while mama gets called when someone falls off a bike. Amelia knows I am a good tickler and nothing's more fun that picking up an almost 2 year old and tickling her while turning her upside down. Adults should be able to see other sides of people and themselves just as easily.

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