Wednesday, December 06, 2006

what was in the cosmos last night?


All I wanted to do yesterday was work late to accrue some comp time, do some small shopping for the holiday and head over to Luna Fine Music Club, a great club with great local and regional music. Well, I didn't make it to Luna.

I was upset about it too - Percussion work is great at motivating me and also calming me. i could have used some percussion. So I worked late yesterday and got to the Park & Ride to find my car had a flat tire. I have changed tires before but not on such a big thing (i.e. The Silver Bullet, the old Plymouth van) so, of course, I attempted it anyway. I'm a dyke - I gotta try.

After loosening the nuts and pulling the spare and jack out, I start putting the jack under to look for the place where it's supposed to sit (I have my car manual in my hand and my flashlight, of course). At which point this drunk guy waiting for his ride comes over, sits his beer down and tells me he is sick but can help me by bringing the tire closer to me since, because he's sick, he can't do a lot of strenuous stuff.

Did I guilt him into coming over? Is that something men have to do, even if they aren't helping? If a woman had come over I wouldn't have been so upset - the conversation at least would have been better and my boobs wouldn't have necessarily been an incentive to stay so long. I was bending down, over and over, to pump the manual jack. I don't understand men at all. I'd rather have him stay away and drink his beer than come and not help, talk a lot while I sweat and then pretend to help when his ride got there. I told him plainly - Is that your ride. You can go. I don't think men understand the power they carry. Walking up to a woman with a beer in your hand can be scary - esp. at a dark Park & Ride 7 at night - it's definitely not cool.

He made the situation worse anyway when his ride showed and he had to look like he'd been helping - when he finally said he would help with the jack and was trying to do it all fast and hard and the jack tilted to the side and the van fell down. I was freaked. After he left I tried again and the jack tilted again, this time falling on the bare frame since I'd managed to get the tire off before.

I called a friend of mine to see if her dad could help and then Cliffy so I could calm down some. She helped tremendously as we were able to have a bit of a conversation talking about the things we want and need to do as individuals and I could feel support from her and give her support too. At that point this truckload of Latinos came by and helped me. There were 5 of them and they were great. They didn't want to take money but I forced a ten dollar bill on them and drove off. They even put my messed up tire in the van for me and cleaned up, put a rock to hold the back tire (something I'd forgotten!), etc.

Afterward, I still had all those errands and went to Target to buy Tigrette this super cool little, girly mp3 player. it was such a cute one, after putting music on it late last night, I wanted to keep it. it's pink and glittery and holds about 125 songs while using just one AAA battery. I'm always amazed at technology. How it can be flimsy, pretty and still powerful. Is that an American consumerist thing?

My mother bought walkie-talkies for Tigrette but I found some cheaper at Target so I bought those and took the ones she bought back for a refund. By the time I was done with errands and grabbing a bite to eat, I was too tired to go to Luna. I suppose, after all this stuff, I really should have gone.

Especially since I got home and found that my water had been turned off. The property pays water so i'm not sure why it was off for me and my next door neighbor but worked in the other apartments. I tried calling the office and the number had been disconnected. No, not a good sign.

To top off the evening, i woke up at 3 a.m. to a noise and was going to discount it or blame it on the neighbors (they can be lovingly noisy with their own lives) but i went downstairs to find that my Christmas tree had fallen. I didn't realize how tall 7 feet was until I had to lift it up and put ornaments back on it all. I wondered if maybe it was the disco ball ornaments that was just too much for my sad tree. Or maybe the tree is conservative and the quiet reference to gayness was going too far!

What an evening, no?! Maybe it was the moon's lunar void cycle, which began at about the time I discovered my flat and ended at about the time the tree toppled over.

I woke up this morning thinking I had survived some strange planetary shift.

On the plus side, Roberto Rey agreed to teach Tigrette guitar so she can go back to being crazy with the music like she was a couple of years ago when she was learning with Lourdes Perez. She'd been wanting an electric guitar so I told her she had to get the acoustic down first.

I keep thinking of how nice it will be to have Roberto in the house - he's a great guy with a lot of talent and patience - a real love for every moment he is in. We try hanging out sometimes but schedules don't always work so this is a good opportunity not just for Tigrette but for me to have someone around who also taps the cosmos for creativity.

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