Thursday, November 02, 2006

"public morality" on the rise

While Democrats whipped out then quickly put away Kerry for these mid-term elections, the NY Times and other papers have hinted at how fags may, once again, be thrust into the limelight to ensure Republican wins. Especially now that New Jersey's realized its own bias within the laws they've upheld.

Not to be outdone and because, truly and unfortunately, we in America are better off - Lima's elections have brought about similar reactions. Maybe it's all the history we hold in creating a banana republic throughout much of South and Central America that Lima must follow our lead again. So they've been raiding lesbian bars and harassing gays and transgendered on the street, despite their not having laws specifically making gayness illegal, they do have "public morality" laws (like so much of Latin America) which have been utilized to target queers.

Seems here in the US we have our own issues with Public Morality.

UPDATE: November 4, 2006
And then there was more! You knew I had to update this blog with an update about Rev. Ted Haggard, who did buy drugs but didn't use them, who got a recommendation from a hotel but really got the name of his massage therapist from gay mags, who did not have sex with him but really did! It's getting hot in here. And Mike Jones, the male prostitute in question, is no "sissy" guy who the media can easily push off as an easy on the eyes replacement for a woman. Mr. Jones was sure to give the Reverend high quality man-on-man gay sex.

p.s. I do need to say, however, that I am still in love with Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz. If she had told Kerry's joke, it would have come out correctly.

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