Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nietzsche on my mind

I've been reading a small book by Federico Garcia Lorca, "In Search of Duende". I always liked Joseph Campbell mythology work and James Hillman's use of duende in our lives to explain the exceptionalism we see in our communities and inter/nationally but it's nice to get to the root of what duende means instead of reading the cleaner, more palatable version provided by Hillman.

In all this, I realized some of my poems had duende and some, obviously, did not. And then I thought about one poem I'd written about creating stars in my mind and then I remembered Nietzsche's quote.

All this thinking must be because I slept so oddly yesterday. I knocked out watching Law & Order (I hadn't seen it in months!) and woke up at almost 10 pm with Nancy's phone call. Then I tried to fall back to sleep and couldn't. I was up until 3:30 in the morning.

Once I fell asleep I did dream - I had an odd dream I was in San Fran's Chinatown or Chicago - some place a little dirtier because of the weather changes (more rain, fogginess) - and I saw a man come out of a store who was wearing the same ring I was. I had the feeling it meant something- that this person was working in a similar idea as I was. It was such a vivid dream I woke up this morning thinking I could find this person on the internet. It makes no since but for a while there I was very sure I could find them! I did do a google image search for my ring but couldn't find anything remotely like it. So much for that.

Usually when I don't sleep enough I start tapping these odd spaces in my mind. I need to eat my lunch - that might help.

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sunlit doorway said...

i love james hillman, but have had a hard time reading him. i used to own a book called INTER/VIEWS, wherein the marvelous interviewer Laura Pozzo asks him just the right questions, and then sits back to let him rip...

you are one of the few xicanas i know who even know who he is....thanks for being in that tribe within a tribe within a tribe w/ me.