Monday, October 23, 2006

spillover from my birthday, update on pumpkins, what else is happening? I know there's more I'm supposed to be writing down...

I haven't yet recounted my birthday hijinks and, thankfully, those photos people took haven't ended up on the internet or Bermuda Triangle's website!

I did meet up with Nancy who I then tried to convince to let me be her Two Week Girlfriend. She moved up to Austin last week. Of course she thought I was crazy but now we are talking nice. So much dreading about women and it's better if they do live far away. Yes, there's the missing but there's also all that time where I can actually do the things I need to do!

My new work is fantastic. Loads of paperwork but great support and just, overall, super funny and intelligent people. It's meant changing my schedule some and now I'm super tired on Mondays because I'm running like mad all weekend.

The new queer parenting group I'm in met up and went to Medina, Texas for a huge pumpkin patch held at Love Creek Orchards. It was so hot the last thing I needed to be carrying was a 10 pound white caspar pumpkin but it's a beauty! I got a tan too. So much for that cold front coming in.

Tigrette had a great time in the hay maze and painting another, much less heavy, orange pumpkin in all kinds of colors.

We knew we hit the right place when, at the entrance to the orchards there were individual flags forming the rainbow. It's like they were waiting for us. Like gay days at the pumpkin patch. You knew we had to find jokes in all this.

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