Thursday, October 05, 2006

energy, in swirls, moving around and around

there is so much energy to be tapped at 6 a.m.

now, i'm not the kind to wake up super early unless there's something extraordinary going to happen but i've been waking early this last week because my new job starts at 8 a.m. no matter what and ends at 5. i was telling a coworker that I don't mind the early but i'm having loads of trouble getting to bed. beyond that, i'm not all that talkative until 10 or so. my mind's still a little sleepy before that.

there are so many files, it's amazing. files to make, files to review, files to have signed and returned, files holding birthday cards so we can sign them with relative secretiveness. (is that was word?)

and an actual lunch! and the world doesn't collapse if something has to wait a day.

of course, there will be so much more work soon enough but for now, since I didn't inherit someone's bad job before (like my previous job), I feel good about being able to set a foundation down.

I was upset the other day when a volunteer called me to tell me she missed me, that the place was chaotic and she wishes she didn't have to give any more time to the organization. with 8 people missing and no new replacements coming any time soon, I can sympathize with how she is feeling.

still, i'm way glad to be out of the chaos. every day really was worse than the day prior. i've never seen such recklessness and disharmony.

i work to remove the energy i picked up there. it helps that my new job has me out in the beginnings of the hill country. more trees than buildings, people there actually intelligent/informed/secure in their own offerings and talents. and, believe it or not, i'm getting actual trainings which will help me do my job better! what an amazing thing.

so, i'm feeling rushed and sleepy, but happy. whew - i needed this.

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