Monday, August 14, 2006

My apologies to middle and upper middle class Cuban Americans who thought they'd be taking their boats 90 miles South by next weekend to claim Cuba

Seems Fidelito is just fine. Even better, Cuba, the country, seemed to do just fine without his omniscience.

If I were a Republican conspiracy theorist (instead of the liberal one that I am), I might suggest that these photos of Papa Fidel in an Adidas running outfit were doctored, a la Osama bin Laden video and voice recordings.

But, I'm actually happy the island stayed peaceful. And a little surprised the American government was so low-key about the whole thing. Could it be someone in the White House finally believes that the more you pound on someone (or their country and leader), the more they'll back them? I wonder if maybe that's why Bush was with a high percentage this last election over the first. If we were a dictatorship who wanted to look democratic, and Bush could run over and over again, would he continue gaining voters?

I'm not saying Cuba shouldn't have Fidel. I work at a nonprofit where the executive director's been there countless years. I've seen other nonprofits headed the same. They could all benefit from some fresh blood. I suppose if the organization was doing well that thought wouldn't have crossed my mind at all...

Another question : How much did Adidas pay Fidel to wear their clothing line? Props on the culturally specific branding done by Adidas. Scope out American Adidas and Adidas Latinoamerica. Seems appropriate that the brand's new logo is Impossible is Nothing.

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