Friday, August 11, 2006

at last, a word on Castro's whereabouts

The media has been surprisingly quiet as to Fidel's health, even to Raul's absence from view in Cuba. Everywhere in Cuba and Little Havana, even in New Jersey I'll bet, small groups of Babalows or Santeros are gathering to meditate on his death or life or in the limbo he must be in. Several have reported he is no longer with us.

Cubans spread gossip amongst themselves too: My mother called me yesterday to tell me, almost in whisper, that a Russian paper had an article about how both Fidel and his brother had been killed and that remaining government heads are unsure as to the next step. And, of course, that Washington knew already.

Worse that Bush was caught saying Cubans living in the US now deserved to be able to go back to their homeland and reclaim their living and work spaces. It was just a few years ago that Bush celebrated, in the White House, the impact of Cuban Americans in the US, with the 100th anniversary of Cuban independence. So, does he want Cubans here or over there?

My mother, always in bed by 9:30, sent me this picture by email last night around 11:30:

Seems Fidelito's headed here. Wachale Bush!

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