Friday, June 09, 2006

mas empanadas

I was having a conversation with some cool Chicanas about empanadas. How Mexican empanadas were different than Cuban empanadas. I'm thinking about this because Anel I. Flores, a great local writer, performer and visual artist, is presenting Empanada, a performance play at the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, part of the city's TeatroFEST.

It just has me wondering what difference the play would look like if it was about guava and cream cheese filled fried empanadas versus baked, pumpkin filled versions. Small cultural differences can make for an entirely different piece.

I'm going to see the play this coming weekend with my favorite Chicanas de Austin. That and Gay Pride is this weekend at Hemisfair Park. There's so little gay stuff I'm going to be there to enjoy what community I can find. What the hell.

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