Friday, January 06, 2006


I had a great dinner with the couple who's going to be doing a committment ceremony. They are such sweetness. It's amazing how they are still themselves even while together. Is it just me who completely loses my personality and fire when I'm with someone?

Well, I'm on fire now.

Not done writing but I see the manuscript now. About half assembled, the rest already seems to have its place, you know?

I knocked out last night after dinner, after reviewing some pieces I only have hard copies for. Woke up this morning at 4, 4:30, 5:15 and finally 5:30 to get back to work. I feel like I should have stayed up later but I'm not torturing myself. Worse, it took me forever to get to sleep anyway. I was missing Cliffy and wanted to call her. I wanted her to be a part of my completing this manuscript and, when I saw my initial cover page and working title [The Year of the Soup] I realized I had dedicated it to her. I realize though, that, it seems more appropriate to dedicate it to this last year. More than anything, this year was like the kind of teachers you hate but you realize, after, that they taught you more than any other had before. So, despite missing her, I did stay in bed and did not call her. I truly needed sleep. When I was young I could stay up 2 or 3 days, on fumes, and get my work done all while hitting the subconscious. Now, mama feels it!

I went to Tigrette's school this morning to pick up her materials and books. Her teacher is going to miss her. She even gave me a hug. She did tell me the little one made Honor Roll (woo hoo!) and would mail her certificate to her.

Okay, so I have to go - heading to SA to finish the winning manuscript and make some copies at a "borrowed" copier. I think I can "borrow" a postage machine too... Need to do a search on the 24 hour post office down there. Tigrette already told me she'd help me mail it off, put a blessing on it. Help me out - lift you hand, bless my package from wherever you are. Blessings back to you too.

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