Thursday, January 05, 2006


I needed a break from the not-writing so I went to the nearby grocery store last night and bought a San Alejo candle (helps when everything seems doomed, nothing else has tried), and a Our Lady of Perpetual Help (for obvious reasons). I also couldn't pass up more coffee, milk, mexican cokes and an aerosol can of Indian Spirit Money House Blessing (with a banner on it that says "100% Genuine!), available in aerosal cans.

If I lived in Miami, besides being browner and happier, I would have gone to Little Haiti and bought a can of Oya's spray. She's powerful. Here, in Central Texas, you say "Oya" and most don't know what you are talking about. Further south, they'll think you are asking for a big pot to make beans in.

I just started thinking of bijol, my favorite food coloring agent. I must be getting hungry. I've been forgetful the last few days. Coffee really is a hunger suppressant - yesterday I didn't eat until 4 in the afternoon.

I feel better today than yesterday as far as my writing. Still having trouble sleeping so I was up until 4 a.m. and woke at 7. Today's the do or die day to finish the actual poems for the manuscript and finalize their order tonight and tomorrow. So what am I doing writing a blog entry?

Maybe because I was cleaning my desk area and found, again, Cliffy's birthday card to me, where she wrote "te quiero chingos".

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