Thursday, January 19, 2006

averting a skirt controversy

On the way to work, listening to Akon and Young Jeezy, I realized I wore a skirt in high school: in 10th grade and for the graduation ceremony. Both of them green. Just to clarify - 5th grade wasn't the last time I'd worn one.

I miss Cliffy today. Have kept myself busy but still feel it. Maybe it's because I could imagine her hands up into my skirt. Maybe because I think she would have liked living here instead - that we could have made a go at it and things would have been good since we'd still visit Austin plenty and she'd be able to see her family more.

In looking for places to live, there were a couple of really great spaces not too far from her mother.

Argh! I need to pull this stuff of Cliffy out of me. It feels like I'm full of deep ocean water and reminders of her are small pieces of paper floating on the top. They cling to me but can't necessarily be cupped out.


dykeumentary said...

You are brilliant. Write more! Oh, and the underground revolutionary movement is playing scrabble this friday at our house. Can you come?

la mala said...

can we wear costumes?

dykeumentary said...

There i sat in my bunny costume -- we missed YOU! (i'm not kidding about being a bunny -- see my website for photographic proof)