Monday, August 29, 2005

Crawford, TX

Delhi asked me if Bush had horses because she's desperate to ride one. I told her he probably did on his ranch just northeast of Austin. She asked if she could ask him if she could ride one and I told her that he probably wouldn't let her, considering his vacation in Crawford was so he could stay away from people. Besides, I told her, he probably isn't too keen on giving favors to people who disagree with him.

My daughter went to Crawford, TX with a couple I adore and, while she didn't talk much (she never does), she watched the news that night and said, out loud, "I was there!". That phrase struck me because of the intent in her voice. She was claiming her role in the larger picture. I wish I could have been there with her, making signs and talking with others. More than that, just being present - to count as a body - one of many who haven't yet died for oil in a fucked up war effort - a body that stands to disagree with those who claim leadership.

Makes me think of Judy Miller, still in jail for not revealing a White House source. Tigrette not talking unless she has too, keeping some secrets to herself because she knows how important information is/how it has to be held close to the body/hugged to her chest like something that's loved.

Tigrette's resilient. Appearing more strong now that her bushel of hair is gone into a pixie cut - revealing the very complex face she carries. Boitels don't come into this world lightly, even if we know how to let loose. It's no surprise we all have big mouths and a history of starting fires/bombs/revolutions/thinking.

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