Thursday, July 07, 2005

journalist integrity

I couldn't help but smirk when I saw that Judith Miller, the NY Times journalist involved in recent trouble over a leak of the identity of a CIA operative (a la Bush), was arrested. While Matthew Cooper got off free because Time Magazine didn't want pleito, a woman, Ms. Miller, ends up in jail. Why is it always women who take the place of cowardly men?

If nothing else, the NY Times and other papers have reminded themselves of the true calling of journalists : to offer the truth to fellow citizens during times of corruption and deceit. It's about time. Wasn't it dominant media who spoonfed us Bush's ideas that Saddam had weapons? The courts, led by conservative politics, should have left this issue alone - now, with a journalist pool no longer content to write around the issue, the Bush administration will be scrutinized more than ever.

I feel sorry for Ms. Miller, but I'm sure she recognizes that October, when the grand jury is done, is not so far away.

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