Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I've been accused of putting voodoo on my lovers.

Well, in a quiet/incredibly attractive and sweet way, it's been done to me.

Three weeks ago I began conversation with someone, Sunny, who has taken me. I felt like I couldn't say it but I don't care who knows.

And I love it because we both understand that "future" and "a life together" means change - it doesn't mean lifetime.

I have a line from a series of opening lines we had to write for class:

"I counter : the more freedom a woman feels, the more the world tries to kill her".

I have that in my head because there are plenty who won't want to see us enjoying each other. And those vibes are powerful. Despite Sunny's suggestion to keep breathing, part of breathing is to make sure you have good air around you! Nunca para!

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