Friday, April 22, 2005

new poem

I was writing so much from the holidays until this month. I haven't written anything in almost two weeks. It's nice to know the words are there waiting when I really give them the attention they deserve. I thought I'd share a new piece online. Let me know what you think.

give away

sometimes all I can manage is the coffee pot

no sugar, tossed milk
there’s no love in the act of shifting
the spoon from one side of a ceramic mug to the other

gloria left a message this morning
knew I was taking my little girl to school,
said she cannot support women anymore
that the world has to do without her ears and hands
because, in cleaning her kitchen she found no hands
and, taking her morning walk, there were no ears

the wetness in the air has left her, for now, barren
the mothers all around me have come to term
and still no birth,
we say the world cannot be carried inside anymore,
must be pushed out for the proclamation
but no one listens

mothers are good, will give their six month notice
even that won’t be enough time to restructure the change

we'll be left like motherless houses

what might be different about the warmth of my coffee
if women stop holding the universe in their bellies?


MFI (mi fabulosa intern) said...

i am at my favorite coffee shop writing the rough draft to my research project and as you can imagine i am doing everything in my power to avoid it. . .as i am succeeding, i have been blessed by stopping by to check in on you via your blog. have i ever mentioned how wonderful i think you are? i hope my eyes speak your praises. as you feel isolated in the inbetween, know that i am always here for you. . .no matter what is on my plate.
spreading the love,

Dulce said...

i haven't read your poems in a while...they are now richer and more are an excellent writer